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I am always playing around on twitter, I mean X, no, NO, I mean twitter, and you should come along for the ride.


Every morning I'll let you know the new shows and movies streaming wherever and randomly post full length titles.

  • Aside from the items you see for sale there are many I need to keep for myself.
    From toys to books to movies and back around again. I’m trying to complete a bunch of runs so stick around and watch it grow.

    And Counting... 
  • Every day a new video game was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System and every day in 2022 I am going to post a game from my personal collection on it’s release date. At least I’ll try; some I can only find the month or year. Check it everyday.

    Every Day Nintendo 
  • Two buddies and myself bitch, moan and attempt jokes while discussing movies. Mostly horror as the show is called The Drunken Horror Cast but recently we just went crazy and are working to set it as a full on channel. Watch us grow into something.

    UHF Channel 13 
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